Full Yoonla Review


I have been an Internet Marketer for years and I happened to stumble upon Yoonla in October 2017. Yoonla is a CPA(Cost Per Action) program run by Reno Van Boven from New Zealand. For new people in online marketing, CPA Marketing is simply getting paid to make people take an action, e.g . submit their email, or participate in a survey etc. This is really the easiest way to make money online as no special skill is required.

When I joined Yoonla I was a bit skeptical since It isn’t very similar to other top Affiliate Marketing programs but after two months I realized it is actually a gold mine. Secondly, you can start out with Yoonla as a complete beginner in affiliate Marketing. After creating a Free Yoonla Evolve account you also get free access to training material worth hundreds. Create your free Yoonla Evolve Account here

What is Yoonla Evolve all about


Yoonla Evolve is basically built around two actions

  1. Sharing your affiliate link and collecting Emails
  2. Earning huge commissions when they upgrade to elite members.
I’ll now explain it in the simplest way possible. You have created a Yoonla Evolve account and now have your affiliate link and you start promoting it. If someone clicks your link and keys in their Email, you automatically receive 2 – 4 dollars. Simple as that. When your leads (the people who signed up using your Email) upgrade to Elite members, you get 30 – 60 dollars. Just like that. Within a month you should easily be making at least 30$ a day and the figure keeps on rising as you gain more experience. Create your Yoonla Evolve account here.

The important part

Thanks to Mr Reno Van Boven, Yoonla and the training is absolutely free. However, you require to have basic affiliate marketing tools to start promoting YoonlaYou need Web hosting and anAutoresponder Program. They have to be from Yahoo Aabacoand Getresponse respectively. Don’t worry about this as Reno explains all this in his training and his team even sets up everything automatically for you.
The charges to get started are quite low, especially considering the simplicity of Yoonla Elite. You need 15$ per month for a 1000 person list capacity on Getresponse and around $15 per month for Yahoo Aabaco. I strongly recommend that you pay for Yahoo Aabaco Yearly as you will pay around 85$ instead of the 180$ you would end up spending if you pay monthly. Also, while upgrading, you will come to a place you have to fill in your ‘Referrer ID’, the person who introduced you to Yoonla, kindly insert a_aid=5905ce0b30e83
Remember the training is absolutely free so If you haven’t yet created an account, do so here. After creating a free account, feel free to contact me for any further guidance at earnwithted@gmail.com. I will also teach you some tips that will come in handy and how to promote your link. Remember to share this widely to friends and relatives. Let them in on this.


Yoonla is the very best site to start out as an affiliate marketer. Trust me when I say this. It is good to diversify to other programs as well as soon as you start earning a good amount from Yoonla. It is however the simplest program to test out both free and paid ads and the results may sure overwhelm you.
Remember to share this simple and clear guide. Feel free to drop a comment.
Cheers !!

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